Hello. Meet a very mean 2,000 Horsepower 1950 Studebaker Starlight !

''At the turn of the 20th century there were hundreds, if not thousands of independent automakers and coach builders across the country. By 1950 though, there were maybe a dozen left, among them Studebaker. Despite a still-loyal following, Studebaker is an automotive marque that has all but disappeared from modern vernacular, although a few die-hards keep the dream alive.''

- Rod Authority.

''The chassis was built by Master Street Engineering in Warren, Ohio. The chassis was certified in 2009 for 7.50, 4 link rear, coil over shocks & Strange brakes all the way around. Rear tires are DOT Hoosier 35x22.5x16 on Weld 2.0 rims.
The Rearend is the Strange Ultra Pro, 41 spline axles, spool pro gear.. Everything you would expect in a 2000 HP vehicle. As is the transmission & converter, built by Abruzzi   www.abruzziracing.com/ and is pretty much built to a Pro Mod style Turbo 400 specs.''

''Now the fun part! The motor is a 540 inch BBC that made 1790 HP on the dyno with no intercooler (there is one on the car). The foundation is a Dart block with billet splayed main caps, 18 head studs, Dart 355 heads, BRC crank, Oliver Rods, 904 lifter bores, CFM Performance carb http://cfmperfcarbs.com/Products.html     , and topping it all off is a Procharger F3R making 32 pounds of boost at 7000 RPM. ''

-eBay ad. (listing closed on Jan 15, 2012 for 60.000 $ but no bids )

This sure looks like some serious work... I love the details and how a classic car can raise Hell with 2000 hp's under it's bonnet.

''Ready to be dropped back in the Bomber Stude, The 1600 was without the intercooler!!!''

eBay seller The OS Speed Shop

Photo credit : Dust Man ART


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