Found this really interesting project...

I'll just copy paste the list from the original article; no need to be a jackass about it :

Bulldog Custom Motorcycle is For Sale: $28,000

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Bulldog Custom Motorcycle tech data:
showbike name: bulldog
year: 2004
fabrication: scott shouse / kai-peter berndt
engine type: harley-davidson evolution
aircleaner cover: one off
top motor mount: our top motor mount for softails
coil bracket: one off
pipes: one off / supertrapp
transmission: harley-davidson evolution
clutch: primo
Frame type: paughco / softail
swingarm: our 240 / 250 tire swingarm kit for softails
Rear suspension: harley-davidson evolution
Forks: one off
Triple trees: one off
Front wheel: our 18×4 3 spoke wheel
Front tire: Metzeler 130/60 R18
Rear wheel: our 18×9 3 spoke wheel
Rear tire: Metzeler 240/40 R18
Front caliper: one off
Front rotor: one off
Rear caliper: one off
Rear rotor: one off
Rear pulley: one off
Handlebars: one off
Risers: one off
Hand controls: one off
Push buttons: harley-davidson
Throttle assembly: harley-davidson
Mirrors: our 3d rex mirrors
Grips: our turn signal grips
Headlight: one off
Taillight: one off
Turn signals: our turn signal grips
Gauges: one off
Gas tank: one off
Gas cap: custom chrome
Oil tank: custom chrome
Front fender: one off
Rear fender: one off
Foot controls: one off
Kickstand: our universal kickstand with internal spring
Passenger pegs: n/a
Seat: one off
Molding: scott shouse / kai-peter berndt
Painter: scott shouse / kai-peter berndt

It really does look a bit odd. I'm not a fan of the overall look (not even close hahaha) but the details just kill me. I love the way the air cleaners can be seen inside the scoops, the rear ''sprotor''  and the mean aluminium raw finish. Not a fan of those weird headlights or of the tail section...

But it has some dWRENCHED attitude ! Found the ad a while ago @ Custom Motorcycle Parts

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