Found a bunch of pics of this really cool chopp a while ago. Finally, I came to my senses and I'm posting it up !

''The bike started as a Photoshop pic i did about a year or so ago. I pretty much had all the details worked out in one way or another. It was going to be a build for me, and to hell with anyone that didn’t like it.
I had the donor an 81 special, but lacked the funds. A friend of mine who was interested in buying a bobber project i was working on, saw the Photoshop and immediately laid out the cash for me to build it for him. Bitter sweet in the fact that i could finally build my baby, but would have to see it go.

The build took about 9 mos, building whenever i could get time in between other bikes. I made a hartail for it, raked it to 39 degrees, machined my own trees to fit the dual Harley 18″ street glide rims, which were covered in duro 904′s. Stock fork legs were shaved and reused. Besides that and the engine, that’s all i used from the XS. Sporty tank was narrowed, re-tunneled for a lower fit. I added an internal tube to run the wires in for the LED gas gauge. The LED is ultra violet, which reacts to a dye that is added to the fuel. So the fuel actually glows green at night.

The engine was actually a Craigslist find a few years ago.''

-said Justin, the buider, for XS650 Chopper.com   back in 2011 after the bike was finished.

''I do do this for a living, but i don’t build bikes to become famous, and im not striving to be the next hot “custom builder” but I had so many offers to build clutch covers that i will be doing a small run of them, so feel free to hit me up if they have an honest interest in one.''

I dig this chopp a lot mainly because it has that 1% of dWRENCHED feel to it. And because it requered some custom fabbin' !


  1. this looks like an exact replica of Dave Kaye's (detroit Brothers) slave bike. I mean, the wheels, headlight cowel, clip on handlebars.....

  2. Did some research and fuck, you're kinda right Mutiny ! Damn I wished that the effort of building something to be focused on something unique ...guess that fails sometimes. Justin, the XS buider must of felt in love with that design...


    Thanks for your comment M !


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