Can I have your attention PLEASE ? I repet...can I have your attention please ?!
 Chopper built out of wood. And It Runs! I bet I've got your attention now...

   Istvan Puskas is a motorcycle enthusiast from Hungary.

   These last two years he started chopping his dream motorcycle from black locust wood, taking the word ''chopping'' to a whole new level...
He is a really good example of human ingenuity and how something called passion can overcome well, almost everything. Even money.

Handlebars and exhaust pipes are made from cow's horn. Wooden barrel as gas tank. All rigid. Small Fiat engine powered (...no other details so far). This art piece is not made for the long runs, of course.
dWRENCHED...yes. Insane craftmanship...definitely. 


Photo credit :  DFA.

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