100.000+ VIEWS !!!

Like 8 months ago I started playing around with a blog. Posting shit that I thought I should share with the rest of the world. Shit I thought it was cool. 

   7 or so months ago I started to get a bit more serious about this whole adventure of mine and now dWRENCHED.com celebrates 100.200+ views ...
That has to be SOMETHING, right ? That means that you MOTHERFUCKERS dig the shit I do and even come back for more ?!!! 

   Everything on dWRENCHED is self-thought and made by yours truly... Sleepless nights trying to figure out how to do this or that.  Did it all with a bit of help here'n there too, I have to admit.
On the way, I have got the attention and respect of a few very cool guys that you can find under the ''PROUDLY SUPPORTING'' tag or in the ''LINKS'' area. Many more are lurking in the shadows. That doesn't mean I have less respect for them.

   Huge thanks for every click of yours, to the guys that put up with the Blogger's BS and post comments,  to evey guy and gal for hitting the LIKE or JOIN THIS SITE button. I have only respect and admiration for each and every one of you fuckers out there !

THANK YOU and let's keep this show rollin' !

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