I'm sure this happened to you as well. You scroll and you search something and out of nowhere some wild dWRENCHED scooter pic pops up ! And you pause your stuff and look at it and wish you would have a least another picture....maybe the profile, maybe from the back etc. 

These super chopped, super stretched, lowered, chromed out crazy painted scooters are a big part of the Japan Custom Culture Scene. Often, they are eye candy. Gorgeous flashy paint jobs and extra chrome all over !

dWRENCHED did some diggin' from quite some time and finally here are a few cool projects for you to look at. Finally more then a picture the make your jaw drop ! Enjoy...

Honda Forza MF08 

Honda Zoomer

Yamaha Majesty

Honda Fusion

Yamaha Maxam

Honda Zoomer

Random coolness:

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