-Self named- Cornelius ''Poop'' Johnson (hahaha) 's CB 500 T.  

I have to admit. First time I saw this chopp I was like ''ehh...ok'' . 2nd time, same reaction.. But for quite some time I can't even sleep without thinking about this bike and how really cool it is ! I have an excuse though, I'm a jackass :)
29 freakin' cool pics of this beaut and a really long ass tech & choop sheet...

1975 honda CB500t.

Hardtailed by a buddy...
Stock engine, PAMCO electronic ignition, dyna 3 ohm coils.
Front brake caliper from some sportbike rear, master cylinder from Yamaha Raptor quad.
ASV "unbreakable" (quotes, haha) levers for Yamaha quad.
Tank chopped by Poop, tunnel fab and welding by Gypsy Choppers, site gauges .
Tank filler cap from stock cb500t tank, cut and borrowed.
Spigot-style brass gas valve from fuel truck.
Pipes and intake by Poop, ceramic coated by Andy at Thermal Tech.
Cam chest breather lines by Poop, chest covers drilled and tapped for brass barbs.
Rear brake designed and fabbed by Poop, with help from friends.
Trick fender mounts that adjust straight back at six points using heim joints to follow *wheel at chain adjustments, designed by poop.
Pivot pegs rotating mx pegs, mounts by poop.
Seat designed and fabbed by poop, with help from friends.
Rock shox pearl shock from mountain bike for seat suspension. air/oil adjustable spring rate, damping and gate valve.
Custom leather grips, seat leather and battery box by local horse saddle guru, mike fowler.
Paint by friend, Danny Dailey .

Many parts powdercoated by Poop and friends in an old kitchen oven
Pull chain switches with majority of wiring stuffed in headlight, using relays and diodes, by poop and friend Jon Thompson.
Busted up rear/brake light donated by friend, rebuilt by Poop.

Basically all garage built by me with help from good friends. and she flies!

Photo credit : Poop & Dave Koppenhaver. 

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