Here's another dWRENCHED PREMIER ! How often do you get to see in real life some Formula1 history ...while doing your shopping, HUH ?! I couldn't miss this... So here are some pics I snapped of some really cool F1 cars displayed in a Romanian Hipermarket. 70+ pics to quench my need of imortalizing some F 1 heritage...ENJOY!


  1. Wow, that is cool! Big gallery too! Well done. Not my thing, F1 cars... I can't appreciate the design of race cars newer than the early 1970's

  2. Not my cup of tea either Jess, but I did made this article cause it's something different...you know. That's a good thing, from time to time. I remember when I used to skip school back in the day so I could watch F1 GP's :)

    Anyway...really appreciate your comment! Ladies & gents, Mister Jesse from http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/ !!!! Wow... o_0


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