The latest creation from RK Concepts is pure evil. dWRENCHED...  It's called ''RK Thing'' and it reminds me of those toy trikes some of you rode in your early childhoods. You know...front big wheel, two small ones in the back. But there's nothing childish about this ''toy''.

      After you move on and get friendly with the extreme design it's time to ask questions. And realise that the devil is in the details too. Questions like ''where the hell is the gas tank? '' . It's in the upper fairing... o_0 ...RIGHT ?
     Truss style (<- Wikipedia explained) frame, swingarm and wheelie bar. Draw-works style rear suspension with Ohlins. For dampening and lever and gears to control the hight. Same stuff for the front suspension. I must say...I LOVE that front suspension. It doesn't get any dWRENCHED then that...DOES IT ? COULD IT ? ...
     ''SS cable exhaust tips to match the grips. First set ever of SS cable hand grips made by RK.'' -says Rafik. 
And yes, they do look bitchin' !!!
 2004, 6 speed 1000cc Aprilia Tuono for power plant. Donated by AF1 Racing.  Turbo cold intake from a Subaru WRX was modified to use for radiator. Leaf springs chain tensioner. Anti Gravity battery.

    As you already know, Rafik Kaissi builds his mean machines out of passion and dedication for innovation. And maybe because he has some really dark monsters inside his head, dictating him what to build. Or some unfinished business with the one with the horns...who knows ?
  All I know is that RK always blows me away with what he comes up. Every single time...

RK Thing took 9th place this year at AMD Champinship in the Freestyle Class. My only question is...WHY, WTF , are the judges blind all the sudden ?!



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