Definitely one of the coolest and cleanest Yamaha XVS I've seen so far. It comes from Poland. Check it out ...

     We're talkin about an 2007 Yamaha XVS 650 Drag Star, to be exact.  Two years after riding it, Michał Cwojdzinski, it's master, decide to sell it. Not long after that...BAM ! Some cool fella ran over him in an intersection, damaging the bike to its core.

     ''Yes, it's hard to notice a loud motorcycle driving 50 km / h in broad daylight'' - says Michal, sarcasticly.

''Half a year of recovery, fear of entering the garage, etc. .. But let me tell
what happened next. One day, after work I walked into the garage. Dusted
off my bike ruins, opened the  “alcohol-free”  beer and started to
disassemble - bolt after
bolt. When I returned home my family told me that it was Valentine's day - could it be love?''

     The game was on since that day. And the result is what you can see in the pics. A really cool frisco'ed Jap bike.

Here's a small list of the mods :

- transfered the ignition and the cut-off point to the left under the seat
- in steel brake lines braided
- brake disc and cover cardan shaft and air filter cut in CNC (according to
my own design )
- footpegs - knuckle cut on CNC and plated brass ( same like seat spring
and few other parts)
- Front turn signals adapted from Harley (with lamp)
- rear turn signal integrated with light - like in HD Nightster (but made
by  myself )
- painting with powder coat and a lot of spray paint

     Michal has another bike in his garage...a  Cagiva Raptor 1000. Don't know why but something tells me that soon we'll have a Cagiva monster featured on dWRENCHED !

Awesome photography by Cwojdzinski

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