Finally dWRENCHED goes artistic. Thanks to the underground Romanian artist Valeriu Neicu (for the Semper Fidelis dWRENCHED design) and to the pro illustrator Daniel Marin, my ideas became real and full of colors, life and feeling. And oh my...they look so freakin cool !!! My designs, from scratch.
Big thanks to Jc Coen over @ 32 Choppers for letting me use his photo for the dWRENCHED Shovel design !
Also, this is your change to SUPPORT dWRENCHED.com and buy in the same time an awesome set of stickers. Just click HERE

As extra infos the dW skull sticker is 5 x 4.5 cm = 1.9x 1,7 inches / the Semper Fidelis dW stickers are both 5x7.7 cm = 1.9 x 3 inches / the dW Shovel is 7x8 cm = 2.7x 3.1 inches and the logo sticker is like 10 cm long = like 5 inches.


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