Legendary American Cars like The Bel Air have put their mark on every bike-car fan all around the world. The beautiful rear ends of the 57 Bel Air pushed Lupo, a French wrench monkey, even further. This is how the plan of making a custom Harley with the Bel Air rear end was born...

     As dWRENCHED as it sounds, this was a make of break project. Something wild like this can only look very cool or dumb. Everything is allowed in the cartoons, but in the real world...
     Lupo had a ton of work rescaling, cutting and welding the ’57 Chevrolet steel fenders to his motorcycle project. To make it look right.
      The hedlight was also built by the 57's Bel Air pattern. 
A long custom made rear swing arm was in order. A lot of the attention was required for the exhaust too. It runs inside the fenders, so it had to be attached to the swing arm for both to travel at the same time. The exhaust is made from stainless steel. Harley Twin Cam engine.

     All in all, the (almost) finished project looks amazing. Can't even imagine the hours put into thinking and building this. But the complete bike looks wonderful !!!



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  2. Hi DWrenched G
    Many thanks for this post , new pics soon
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