It's been a while since I stumbled across something this ''cool'' . In the dWRENCHED way of the word, of course...

      I'll keep the story short so you can enjoy the pics (more). The French Monkeys is a family small shop, led by Florian and his father Lionel. I guess you already figured out their location... ?
 This unique piece of art called FUCK THE PURIST (bwahahahaha! ) was born for the whole world to see what FM are capable of. A demo bike if you want. But it's far more then only just that...

What you can dmire in these pictures is in fact an old Malaguti 3 speed 1971 scooter. dWRENCHED to the max !

Good vintage Alcyon fork. Old bicycle handlebars. ''In house'' wood made grips... The rusted look is also an in-house operation; acid was used. 

     ''The biggest challenge was to place the engine in the frame. We made mounting lugs, aligned the exhaust, etc.. We loved working on this project.''

   ...and a dWRENCHED beaty she is, I friggin' LOVE IT !

More about French Monkeys and their projects HERE.

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