Just to make things clear, I love the Iron 883. I think it's the most beautiful stock bike from HD these days.  A turbo Iron ...well, that's just nasty !

   I had the chance of riding the Iron and I must say I liked it. Sure it needs another gear (hahaha) but it's a cool fun bike.
  This is not a website where I push around some brands undercover. So the name of the turbo kit and stuff like that was so unimportant for me. I just liked the idea of a faster...turboed Iron.  The turbo sound gets me thinking of the tuned cars, Subaru Impreza's, 350 Z's, and the list is so long. It's a bit weird to hear that turbo kick on a bike for me...but that only makes it even cooler !

 So drool over the pics and videos...

Kinda stolen from the  XL Forum 


  1. Thanks guys for the complements. its built to a 1200 including heads w the SE 551 cams, cutom 7.0 gps injectors and copper head gaskets. turbo is a custom build set up i put together , enjoy!

  2. nice scoot. are you located in virginia, by chance? looks like a bike i saw this summer at a buddy's house.

  3. hey Poop, thanks for your comment buddy. I don't ''know'' the rider's location...

  4. Great bike, I would be interested to know what turbo you used.


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