The Bonneville Speedweek is definitely over...hell, almost the year itself is over ! But that doesn't mean that an experiance like this gets ''old'' or forgotten... A proper requiem was necessary from my part...so yeah, I'm pretty sure you'll love this!!!

  I finally got my hands on the on-board videos from the bike. It took so long cause we had to wait for the bike to be shipped back in UK...etc etc. Nerves and many fucks were thrown away while puting the videos together but in the end, the work is done. 
  Without a doubt, this 2012 Bonneville dWRENCHED  Experience was one of the biggest accomplishments for dW.com and for myself, of course.  The coolest one, for sure. A few years back I never understood the people making these enormous efforts to get to the Salt Flats and race there. It took me a while, but now I know. Now I'm hooked too. Now, racing at Bonneville  is on my bucket list as well.

  I know that ''thank you'' , ''respect'' and ''honored'' these days are just a few words thrown in the conversation so easily that their meaning kinda got fadded away. 
      But a big freaking THANK YOU from me goes out to Dave, Pj, Kit, Jac's and AJ. It really was an honor for me to trace your steps and to cover up your Bonneville stories !

   Alright, so enjoy the videos, the rest of the pics and if you just fell from a tree and don't know the whole story just click HERE

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