I simply love motorcycles. It doesn't matter if they are choppers, bobbers, cafe racers, custom or stock...sports bikes or whatever. But yeah I prefer choppers, or ''non stock'' :) 
   Bottom line...if and when I find a bike that I like I simply go ''Fuck, that's a beautiful bike...''

   A ''few'' years ago, the big eye candy non-sense big dolla dolla $ choppers were in fashion. Times have changed and those are history. Money are kinda tight but the need for speed and wrenchin is not yet gone. So the ''new'' trend (new for some I might add), as you might observed on your own by now, is called CAFE RACING. Simply stripping down your old dad's Jap or English bike and make it go fast(er).

  Something like what you do with the Harleys or with the V-twins mostly...but since they are not built for speed and for that speedy look, they are called choppers.

   Anyway, I really like this bike cause it's not a proper Cafe Racer. It has that pedigree but that's not all. It has that dWRENCHED vibe to it also. The Devil's in the details, like I love to say. Honestly, I love the belts, the leather grips and the small board with leds that he put up together. The bottle opener for the rear brake assembly or the master brake oil cup bracket. Oh yeah, the kickstand also rules !
  Rusty Bitch is a cool almost and not quite a cafe racer built by a friend of mine, Lorenzo of Artie CraftsWorks .
A more detailed intro about the bike from Lorenzo himself, after this first set of pictures. BELLISSIOMO !

     ''I‘m unable to hold my hands. Three quarters of the things I make are fucking useless, but I love them and I think that ultimately it’s all worth the effort.

   I found this 1977 GS 750, first model with the double disc brake, for the modest sum of 800 Euro by a crazy Dutch, one of those who run on wet country roads in winter.
Due to its poor condition, I gave it the name of Rusty Bitch. Here, purchased items are very little: cables, spark plugs, gaskets and little else. I personally handmade the rest, or it has been handmade by friends: stripping, painting, construction of parts, welds. I spent many hours on it, as the ideas came along the way: I have not drawn or planned anything in advance. I started working, and what it was… was.

   I cannot list all the people who worked-helped-searched-spent their time on Rusty, but I can say that this bike is not just a bike: in a difficult moment of my life, it gave me the way of meeting new people and to appreciate strengths and weaknesses of those who already knew. In short, so many hands touched my Bitch, but after all, it’s a bitch, my bitch."

-Lorenzo Rapparini

Just to be sure that it's being said out loud...FAN-FUCKIN-TASTIC pictures ! :)

Check the build-off  HERE


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