Once again Rafik Kaissi strikes a wild one out of the freakin park. Check out his latest RK Bearing Bike !!!

   I really don't know how to start this article. I'm dead serious... These pictures got me hooked so badly I can't even think of a good intro. So I'll just rumble something here that could make me look smart. Small chances, I know. I'm so embarrassed... Damn it Rafik !

 ''Honda CR500 widow maker was used in this build for power plant.''
Frame is a hand made giant ball bearing that also function as the suspension with the help of an Ohlins shock on top.
Wheels were also designed and machined to carry giant bearings . Very cool I think.''
-Rafik Kaissi

    I think so too RK ! Not to mention, 26 inches wheels. Simply...wow !

 A few buid-off (pretty rad) pics: 

  ''This is by far the wicked-est two stroke ever Rafik! I love it!''
-Adam F. via RK Facebook.

 Check out more about the RK Bearing Bike & more about RK wild creations @ RK Concepts.com   and on his Facebook .

   Photo credit : RK & Surface DVD


  1. Me too, I can't stop looking at the pictures and wonder what went into such a project.
    Even though I'm writing, I'm speechless.

  2. Nice work, but with an exhaust like this, the twostroke won't work.
    It's not for riding, i think...

  3. Yeah A... I don't think that this bike will see the streets that much. It's a rolling piece of art I think nonetheless.

  4. I've posted a half dozen extensive in depth galleries of Rafik's bikes on my blog Justacarguy.blogspot.com

  5. I know Jesse ;) I'll use those on a future ''detail'' post, if I have your approval.

  6. cool engineering but ugly bike......

  7. Mister lick my balls.
    You managed to be positive and negative in the same sentence and that takes talent my friend so give yourself a pad on the back..
    God bless u


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