Found this bithcin Ural Custom Bike...

  Unfortunately, I can't find the details do to the fact that I'm not a Russian speaking kinda guy. So if one of our readers can read (and understand lol) Russian please contact me @ dwrenched@gmail.com or simply comment here. I only know that this bike was spotted at RUriders.com
  While we wait for the name of the shop and all that I'll  just delight myself with the set of pics. What a beauty !!! Hope you'll do the same.
  We all know that Ural is basicly the copy of the WW2 german BMW motorcycle engine. But that doesn't mean it can't be used in some great bike projects !

 Look at this beauty for example; the details and all the attention put into making this bike   combined with the dWRENCHED vision...killer combination !

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  1. The bike is made by Олег Скворцов in the garage «Демоны Спокойствия» which means Demons of silence.Name of the bike is Анчутка menaning Water Demon.The engineis from Ural and was upgraded to 750cc, generator was taken from ИЖ Планета(Russian made bike) and the carburator is from OKA (Russian car). Bike won Трофей журнала Мото.


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