Simply crazy. simply dWRENCHED. Simply cool ! ...

    This is what my brain pucked after I saw this bike. It's so crazy strange and cool in the same time, not to mention that is freakishly  small ! Mini death trap hahaha

The bike is now sold but I'll quote details and infos from the add :

     ''This motorcycle started out life as a standard postman's bike, Honda ct110.

The bike has been completely modified for entry into a motorcycle design/build competition.  Since the competition it has already collected several awards and always draws attention.

   Not only has the bike been aesthetically modified It has been highly modified from a performance perspective. The engine has upgraded front and rear sprockets for faster acceleration.

The carburettor has been modified with bigger main jets to compensate for the increased air mixture.  Also the exhaust has been minimised to allow the engine to breathe more.

   The motorcycle was not built to be a static display but a running functioning machine that performs.  The bike can be ridden! The frame is hand cut aluminium sheet with stainless fasteners throughout.  All internals of the frame are polished to a mirror finish with the outside left intentionally raw.

Fuel tanks are two highly polished copper tubes one serving as the main fuel tank and the other the reserve, (fuel tap switch on carburettor)

The seating position is on top of the rear guard at slow speeds however the foot positions at the rear axle puts the rider in a jockey position which is recommended for higher speeds due to the lack of padding.

 All pieces of the bike are one off items made by hand.  Each threaded spacer footrest head clamp etc. was manually made in a lathe.  No computerised machines were used to create this bike. An unmentionable amount of hours of thought and effort have been poured into this bike.

    The bike is currently on display in a Melbourne gallery and can be made available upon purchase to you within 7 days.  Alternatively I can arrange a time if you wish to view the bike prior to purchasing.
    When sitting on a table the bike makes a great display piece.  The bike comes with a polished centre stand as seen in photos.

Although the bike can be ridden the bike does not come with registration or road worthy certificate.  This is a show bike only.''

    This whole description makes this bike over qualified to be here on dWRENCHED :)  And yes...I agree with Andy, this bike would, could and should sit in an Art Museum. You know I don't say this often...like never !
But that doesn't mean that you can't sneak in at night and take it for a quick, maybe deadly spin ! hahaha


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