Of course this is nothing I would have imagined but it is what it is !
And of course the bike forums started to burn regarding the bikes and about the show itself. The winner is soon to be revealed...

One of the posts on Club Chopper Forums caught my attention and it kinda sums it all up. It goes like this :

''(About JJ's bike) I wanted to like it because I like this kind of bike but I actually don't care for it. Looks like a Confederate Cycles Harley based v twin hybrid. I don't like the way he used the engine and transmission as a stressed member and the Radial Hell style support bracing on the sides of the engine looks awful. Wrong choice of engine for this bike. The exhaust looks like it should be on a chopper. Great workmanship but I wouldn't want to own it. Not a great looking bike, especially the tail section.

Surpisingly OCC built a better bike in my opinion. Really nice frame and tank. Just a well thought out solid, lightweight bike. Now if they only used the right engine, I would actually want to own it. Really ugly and totally fucked up non functional front end. If they used a ZX14 engine and and inverted sportbike front end they would have a winner. Just like Jr. they don't know when to stop. They have all the equipment, but nobody gets the big picture. Lets face it, Sr. is no designer. 

Jr. well, what can you say? Same ugly non functional piece of $%&# he builds on the show every week. Same frame, engine, etc, with some different ugly sheet metal to pull off the current "theme". Like all bikes are supposed to have a theme? What a poser. If you look at the exhaust it's a collector box merging the two exhausts then a car style manifold. I would estimate that's good for about a 20-30% power loss. Anyone ever notice the seats on all his bikes are disproportionally tiny? Overall, as expected, an unrideable abortion.

Gas Monkeys? Same bike you would see at a bike night and not really look twice at. And pink too? Real fucking clever.''


Check out the link for more ''Chopper Revenge'' : Discovery

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd THE WINNER IS...PJD ! Now the Anomnymus comment from down below makes more sense. Anyway...


  1. Put Jr with any of those 4 bikes and that bike would have won. Popular couch potato vote.

  2. I tend to agree with that statement mister A, thanks for your comment !

  3. gas monkey caught the spirit of chopper builds... Its how you roll in the usa. Sr's and Jr's bikes both look great but 99% of people couldnt even dream of building them bikes in their shed's/Garages. As for Jesse's bike.. Well 99% of people wouldnt want to build that bike, It is without doubt FUGLY.

    Dont get me wrong, I HATE chopper bikes and wouldnt want any of them but Gas monkey should of won on princible.

    Jap bikes RULE... lol


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