I am well aware of the fact that these past few weeks I've been slacking from the usual program. Of posting articles I mean. And what a better way to start the new saga then talking about a really great, dwrenched, mini monster ? It's ludicrous !

''The guy said he had it in a field and would take $500 for it. I told him for $500 I’ll buy it.''

   Says Mark Hayden, the owner and the man that built this awesome machine,along  with his dad's help. What used to be a rusty relic abandoned on the side of the road became this sinister Darth Vader of custom cars.
 This '57 Nash Metropolitan Convertible is the new punk kid in town...

    Where most of the people saw rusted wrecked metal, Marc saw potential. Almost everything had to be either replaced, or reconditioned. Also, this Nash got a super treat when it comes to chopping and customising. A custom new channeled frame was is order and the rear also got narrowed. Independent Mustang front suspensions. Re-arched front fenders to fit the bad-ass muscle car wheels. Sinister low stance
thanks to the custom aibag system.

   No flashy or chromy stuff on the exterior. Keep it simple, clean and mean. And black. Just how I like it. Suicide doors, of course. The interior was also custom made, with custom dash and gauges. Again, Mark and his dad kept things simple and cool.
And they managed to do just that. Building a car that is full of coolness all around, from front to back. Great taste and great craftmanship. Plus, it's a convertible ! Wicked...

    Now after the smack in the face of the car's design, keeping the stock engine would have been a funny story. But the things get really serious under the hood. Packing a ragin' 350plus HP's, the LS1 Corvette engine with a 5 speed transmission kinda sweeps the 2000pounds car.  Yes, spinning wheels and smoke, the whole menu. Marvelous ! Hahahaha.

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