It was about time to visit my good friend and one of the coolest chopper gearheads in Romania @ his den.
dWrenched is introducing ''Mas Oyama'' to the rest of the chopper world. The man behind www.gypsiesoldschoolbikes.blogspot.com

     They used to say that ''you meet the nicest people on a Honda'' .  During my chopper-fan life, I got ahold and bonded with some of the coolest guys. Not just from the industry, but with some of the under-the-radar chopper guys too. I'm talking about ''normal'' guys, like me and you. Gearheads, nonetheless.
 Now I realise that you meet the coolest dudes on forums :)

    True friendships are forged around the same passion; motorcycles. Because those guys, like you...sleep, dream, eat and breathe motorcycles. Most of them...'cause there will always be that 90% rate of wannabes and asshole. But if, and when you find that true fanatic gearhead you can relate and connect to, then you know that's a golden friendship.  And distance becomes nothing in front of that. 

     Same thing applies in this case. I met Mas Oyama on a romanian motorcycle forum long ago. And, along the way, something clicked. The passion was there, comments were posted, pm's (personal messages) were sent, phone calls were made and the rest, as they say, is history.
     Been waiting for this trip to happen for far too long. But one day I decided I have to make a stand. A long trip from Bucharest to Oradea -Romania was involved. It was a great weekend. Full of welding, bending and grinding. And trash talking :) Had the change to talk to the man about this whole chopper thing...you'll get inside his mind and see his point of view.
     A wrench monkey , chopper guy and a leather craftsman, a pure artist.

       The leather craftman.

    He likes to work with his hands. Attention to detail and hard work is what recommeds him. He's an ''all hands'' guy :)  Working on leather is one of his passions and he takes that far and beyond ''just a thing'' that he does.
   If you want some leather done for your bike or for yourself on a super cheap score but @ a very high quality, he's the man to shout at. Here : Gypsies Leathear Craft
 Even though he's located in Romania, depending on your needs, he can make it happen.

       Chopping, grinding, welding, wrenching and dwrencheding.

    Most people say they can't. Oyama says  ''why not?'' ... and so chopping metal and leather crafting started out. Just because you don't know how doesn't mean you can't, he says. If you really want to do something, you study, search and destroy. Literally destroy...without trial and error nothing good can come around. 

       Mas Oyama's bike. A turbo Dnepr 650cmc, 4 stroke, air cooled.

   When I saw his bike on the forum I liked it at the very first sight. It's a cool bike. When I asked him to dust it off before the photo shoot, his reply was ''nah'' .   It's a rat and it does look cooler wearing his true colors anyway. Besides, no prom fake queens here. It is what it is !

    The list of the handmade parts is so long I'll probably get lost. But I'll mention a few. Like the springer front end, sissy bar and the wooden hand grips, handle bar and seat.
The engine itself was torn appart and worked on.  Modified crank shaft drive. Car adapted generator. Variable advanced ignition. Everything on the inside of the motor was cut or made bigger. Like the intake ports. 5-8 degrees over for the valve seats, milled by hand.
    Original russian K68 PEKAR Y carbs with sport cones.

   And now the fun begins... Building and making the bike ''his own'' wasn't enough for Mas Oyama.
Having a turbo bike was something he always dreamed of. So he started looking around over the internet, posting and asking who, what, how and where. We exchanged along the way a few...or some...or many (hahaha) emails. Searching for parts, manuals and the whole menu. Nerves, many nerves, blood and sweat was poored into the project.
   Long story short and many unsuccessful attempts after, a fuel pump and a pressure regulator is everything that needs to complete the system. All he has to do now is to mount those on ! Will keep you posted when that happens and with the results. 

    Speaking of the Devil, the turbocharger comes from a Ford Mondeo 2.0 TD. The blow thru method was used.  The air box is a chopped extinguisher. Admision and exhaust systems are custom and handmade.
Oyama estimates an increase of 20 hp's from the ''not so stock'' +45ish runnig at this moment .
   It's not something stellar but it's something that will make this old iron horse breathe fire ! And we all know that in this game of chopping and making your won stuff it doesn't matter getting from A to B faster. Just on your own way. Maybe cooler in the same time. Different for sure. dWRENCHED !

     My trip meant more then 24 hours of traveling and 1200+ KM's. Meeting a guy that I already respected. That feeling only grew thanks to this trip. It was all worth it. I wouldn't change a single damn thing !
    Now I'm waiting for the sunny days to find myself riding aside my friend with his crazy turbo rat bike !!!

*I worked so hard on this video and I do hope you'll enjoy it. Please watch it in HD cause this is how it was meant to be seen. Thank you.



  1. super tare clipul si descrierea in sine e foarte OK... tine-ti-o tot asa, poate ajungeti undeva,combinati pasiunea-cu talentul si daca mai iese si ceva $ e si mai OK. Sper cool

  2. ma inclin Cocco, multumesc/multumim :)

  3. Your accent betrayed you ,you are 100% "ardelean".How you turbocharger works now?

  4. Me and Oyama are 2 different persons bro. The bike is still in the making. To be continued...


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