I'm so diggin' this...

   When I first saw it I thought it's a creation of Ron Finch , the wild child (artist) of the chopper bike scene.
Well, it's not. And comparing the actual builder with Ron it's more than a compliment. But you already knew that, right ? In fact this is the creation of Josh Hadar from New York. 

This very cool chooper-ish trike has many secrets. Carbon steel frame. And it's electric. It gets better... The Mars Electric Motor makes around 6.4 horsepower and kicks a top speed of 45 mph ! That sounds really fun, huh ?
   It not only runs on renewable energy.

      ''Josh has integrated an Altrax programmable controller which is powered by four 12 volt lead-acid batteries. Hadar also says that the range of the bike which is around 30 miles right now can be increased to 60 if a lithium nano-phosphate battery pack is installed in it.

     Believe it or not, this E-Trike is one of its kind. It is charged from a 750-watt arrangement of six solar panels. Overall the chopper is around 8.4 feet long. The rare wheel is 26 inches and the front one is 20 inches in diameter.''

Now this is how you put ''the cool'' in something... ''ehh'' ! :)

via Gadget Him
photos by Reitz Photo

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