Setting the dWRENCHED standars a bit higher ?! Hmmm...

   I try to post and give to you, my readers, the joy and satisfaction of finding about some of the craziest wheeled mofo's out there. In fact, that's the basic idea of dW.com. Despite supporting the custom bike scene and everything related with it; hot rods, chopps, artists, builders etc.

   Took me some time but now I can properly introduce this crazy-ass dwrenched work of art ! A cafe racer ? Maybe a bobber ? Chopp ? Well it's a bit of everything and nothing in the same time...

     Standing before your eyes is the work of the builder Peter J. Sabiote. Peter started this project in 2009 and it took him two years to complete it.
The donor bike for OFF CAFFE was an old crashed-busted 1992 Yamaha XT 600.

And as you can see for yourself, Peter's fingerprint is all over. Everything was cut, swapped, welded in his own steam punk-rat vision. The frame was made by Gines Sabiote and Peter. The motor itself was refurbished. Footpegs, fairing, fuel tank and in-frame oil tank all done by Peter and Gines.

    Double tires on the back ? Why not ?! ...
This bike is so cool to look at because it chews and spits out all the bike categories and it's a nasty FU to the purists. The whole project took about 700 hours of work.
     So is it a Cafe ? Sure...why not? A chopp ? Well, yeah...kinda :)


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