Rather you like to admit it or not, the old is new cool. Along with that, it seems that these are the times of the cafe racers and the one-man-shop builds. I love that last part. But some still tend to do it in their own way. Those are my heros.

      This is the latest creation from Ian Sutton. And the first custom bike so far. He actually works in the bicycle business.

   “The bike registers as a ’63 triumph because of the frame but the engine is a 1976 Triumph Bonneville T140V 750cc. Bought it as a complete non-running already hard-tailed chopper monstrosity (think spike bolts all over and plasticky looking chrome crap).

   All the stuff I made was done with the hand tools and oxy acetylene torch I already had for my bicycle frame building. Mostly made of 16ga 4130 steel plate that I very crudely hammered into shape.”
– Ian Sutton

   Of course you can see the Sninya Kimura and the Wrenchmonkees flavours in this cool project. But everything works together so fine and cool. It gives me the impression that everything is in it's place. On a radical chopp, you dont get that feeling so often...

      This is a great lesson about doing it yourself and in your own way... Fu#ing aweome Ian !

     Ian Sutton of Icarus Frames
Photo credit Prolly is not probably

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