This is one dWrenched Ducati . Nothing like the factory guys would even dream about...ever. 

 I was lucky enough, or unlucky enough, to find a few Ducati  choppers or bobs along the way. And I have to say that most of them we're ...eh, not so cool. Until I found this one. Always was a fan of the Ducati Monster/ SR couse it's slickness and cool factor. Wanted to get one at some point, to be honest.

      Looks like Manu Ayllón went far beyond the idea of just owning a Ducati. He made it his by chopping it into a Transformers look-a-like chopster. Turning it into a killer street fighter with its under the frame hand made gas tank and a very curvey frame. The high mounted potato chip seat puts you on top of the monster and the riding position is close to a bull rider's !

   Nothing extra on it, no-nonesense. You have a set of clip-ons, a naked twisted frame, empty pipes. This bike begs for MADNESS ! Of course, as you can already realised already, the bike is in the works. But I so lovin it how it sits in the raw, so brutal.

   The engine looks to appear stock, but it's 804ccm, V2 4 stroke desmo engine puts on the street 76 HP's... enought to take this little devil for a fun spin. 

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  1. hopefully he is giving Todd Silicato of Todd's Cycle some props here.... he built most of this bike at Todd's so cal shop and a lot of the engineering and fab came directly from Todd himself.


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