As promissed on Facebook , here is the story of this wild cat... 

   I found this one on the K&N Filters website but I swear to God I don't know how I ended up there ! Anyway...I see no reason why I should alterate the original article so I'll just quote it here. Just a stupid self conclusion at the end maybe, if you're lucky :)

     ''Derby City Customs is in the business of making one-of-a-kind motorcycles. Louisville, Kentucky brothers Jason and Jeremy Cantwell make unique bikes .

The newest creation to come out of their motorcycle shop has a RC Components frame with RC Components wheels and a 300 mm rear tire.

   We built it for a customer with a super charger and a four barrel Holley carburetor, said Cantwell. We had to cut the frame and machine out the mounts to reassemble the back bone. This way the engine still held and the super charger had a place to sit.''

    So for this year, Derby City Customs built six bikes. Jason and Jeremy Cantwell have a reality television show pilot in the works that will be filmed in the brother's chrome shop and tattoo shop. Their next project is a custom 2008 Kawasaki Z10 which will be unveiled at the Indianapolis Grand Prix in September.


      The chopper has a custom made seat and the paint is called black cherry candy. The drive belt for the blower is spun directly off the crank. This was way out of the norm, said Cantwell. We also had to cut and fabricate the gas tank to make it fit. This bike runs and sounds like a race car.  The K&N air filter fits on top of the carburetor.  I called K&N directly with the size and dimensions I needed for an air filter, said Cantwell. They sent me the perfect air filter with a perfect fit. The bike rides great.    

    All I have to add is that I don't really ''love'' the Big Dog overall felling of the bike. First thing I'd do is to swap that ugly-ass rear fender. Or those wheels... But all in all, eveything can be sucked in and approved thanks to the beauty sitting on top of the v-twin !

Photo credit & quotes : KN Filters

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