Every boy's dream...

   Growing up, of course boys had their action figures and girls had dolls. Lol, girls are stupid to quote a little guy hahaha And of course, we all wanted to take a ride in Batman's car(s) ... He always had cool cars, bikes, planes and what not.
 And if you ask me, Batman is by far the coolest hero. Without real super powers, he kicks so much ass ! So Superman & Co. can suck it !!!

   They say that as you get older you start to buy/afford things you only dreamed of while you were a kid. And no, that old bold fart guy driving a Mazda MX-5 I saw a few days ago with a blonde on his right is not what I'm reffering to. That was shocking and gross if you ask me. I'm talking about cool people here. Not idiots.

    Now let's start unveiling the street legal Batman's Tumbler story. Built for the 2013 Gumball 3000 rally.

     '' International racing crew Team Galag will stand out from the crowd in their version of the sleek jet black supercar driven by Batman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. Commissioned by Florida-based Parker Brothers Concepts, the team have reportedly invested over £1million to create the impressive Batmobile racer.
     Boasting a powerful 400hp 6.2-liter V8 engine, the 2.5 tonne cross between a Lamborghini and a tank can reach speeds topping 100mph.''
-Mark Malloy of http://metro.co.uk/

     ''One of our team members is crazy about all things Dark Knight, and it’s been an idea of his to build a Tumbler for a while now,’ explains the Team Galag official website.
So we thought why not go one step further and do it in time for this year’s Gumball.''

-Team Galag

I simply love the build-up pictures... :

     So, once the car...tank...err....the Batmobile was finished it was about time to drive it at the Gumball Run on 18th May. When you ask me about Gumball, my mind thinks of racing cars and...gum.

       Gumball 3000 2013 The 15th Anniversary Rally Run From Copenhagen to Monaco.

   '' The Gumball 3000 is an annual British 3,000-mile (4,800 km) international road rally which takes place on public roads, with a different route around the world each year. Founded in 1999 by Maximillion Cooper, it sees an annual entry of 120 cars, which are mostly exotic and powerful sports cars. However, more unusual entries (such as police cars and camper-vans) have been seen. The Rally is not a serious race in the traditional sense of rally races - there are no prizes for being fastest or official timekeeping of any sort. Organizers emphasize that it is a road trip adventure and not a race.

   Startline in Copenhagen on 18 May with a stage to Stockholm. The next stage is to Helsinki followed by stages to St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Kraków, and Vienna, before finishing in Monaco at the Grand Prix.
   Entrants for the 15th Anniversary include TV personality David Hasselhoff, musician and lecturer Bun B, artist Futura 2000, professional skier Jon Olsson, musician and artist Magne Furuholmen, Prince Talal M. A. Al-Faisal Al-Saud of the Saudi Arabian Royal family, musician and actress Eve, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, bands Cypress Hill and Nero, musician Xzibit, music company EMI and fashion designer of street label UNDFTD James Bond.'' -says Wikipedia.

   You can see some of the most exotic cars now and then roaring around the streets of your city... but how often do you see the freaking Batmobike ?!!!


     ^^^...girls...am I right ?! Pffff....
   As stated before, the Gumball is not an event with prizes. But sure as hell is a place where you can make a (marketing) statement ! Team Galag received the Winners of the 2013 15th Anniversary "Spirit of the Gumball" award.
 In our story here, aging and having a 1 milion pounds budget to build a car are two separate things that don't necessarily go together. I know what I'd like to do if I were the man in charge at Team Galag though...
    I'd charge 1$ for 5 minutes per kid to ride along in the Batmobile.

      I'd take a week off work just to fly-ride-drive whereever needed. Cause a kid's hapiness, no matter his age, is priceless...am I right mister tiger ?!

Team Galag

Photo credit :  Sam Moores Photography , Marc Kaser .

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