If Ghost Rider had any kind of self respect, he would had ridden something like this ! Let's take a closer look at this monster...

   It's called Behemoth. Now Behemoth is a beast mentioned in The Bible (<-click)
  Also, Behemoth is the name for a Polish Black Metal band. I'm pretty sure I have them in my playlist :)
This monster bike was built by Game Over Cycles for Adam "Nergal" Darski, member of the band.

     The first thing that kinda strikes you in the eye is the massive-brutal front end. After you digest that you continue checking out the rest of the bike itself...
Harley Davidson RevTech 110 engine, HD transmission and Legend Air suspension. 360 mm rear tire to match the beefy front.

The whole bike has that apocalyptic-horror feeling also thanks to the gas tank with sharp edges. Design seen through the whole bike. Details like the huge cross rear fender and the cross billet wheels are just a delight for the ''believers'' hahahaha !

     Definetely not your ''off ebay custom bike'' . It was built for a client after his exact evil imagination.  Making in the same time a stand like the music itself.
''The custom work will be completed in May, and details about the bike will be unveiled during Impact Festival 2013 on June 4th 2013. Impact Fest will take place in Warsaw and besides Behemoth, it will also feature Korn, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Stereophonics, Rammstein, Airbourne, Mastodon and Slayer.'' says True Metal Head

    I'd like to say ''thank you'' to my friends Elicit Volt and Mick McNasty for the tips and helping me out getting some infos for this article !

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