Twin cylinders (jap) bikes are the best platform to get yourself a cool Cafe Racer, little bobber or a brat chopp. That if you don't go all dwrenched on it !

   Throwing the Book of Rules away once you've decided to build something unique can get you some really surreal results. So instead of adding a little cafe racer tail or some small little bars you've made you can go really balistic on the poor bike. Case in point.

       Coroner Custom Cycles is a shop from Poland owned by Dariusz Gargas. And what you see here is his imagination gone crazy. Or wild. Wild'n crazy. Fu#k me if I know...all I know is that you can stare at this motorcycle (?) for hours and still find cool things you overlooked.

What once was a poor stock 1986 Kawasaki 450 LTD bike became Diesel Kunst .

      What we have here is steampunk, diesel, apolcalyptic, retro influences and you can add yourself some more !  Basicly,  all those cool kids that they hang out in your closet, basement, or mind at night helped building this bike.; hahaha....
I'm intrigued by the plexiglass transparent gas tank and by the rattle snake tail holding the oil. Can't even imagine how much work was put into building the parts to make Diesel Kunst a whole. 

     Smashing the barriers of common sense and ordinary is something we accept here at dWrenched.  Very proudly, in fact. Very very cool, Coroner Custom Cycles !!!

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Photo credit Bike pics (most of them)
The tip was sent by Polish Custom Motorcycles , thank you !

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