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   You may find this funny, but this wasn't my idea. While I was anxiously waiting my Flake and Flames copy to arrive, Dirk Behlau came with the cool idea... ''Hey, you should review it too'' . Well... why the Hell not ?! :)

   Flake and Flames is Dirk Behlau and Jasper Bram's custom culture documentary. I've been interested in this project since the very begining because of how it came advertised. A movie about custom. Culture. Now if you ask me, this ''culture'' is a mix of so many arts... Lowbrow art, choppers, hot rods, customs, lowriders, rockabilly, pin up's, photographers... Pause. (catching a breath)
As long as you are diggin' one of these arts, you are a custom culture freak. Sorry mate. And as long as you support and contribute to the culture in a way, any way, and not just exploit it, you are an active part of the circus.
   I was so excited to get this dvd... Just like when I'm waiting for bike parts to arrive. I know you know the feeling !!!  

     The concept of gathering some of the most well known artists in the field under one name, a single project, just one movie instantly got my atention. The coolest thing for me was to see and simply absorb the info and the knowledge icons like Kozik, Dirty Donny, Coop, Cole Foster, Dan Collins, Blaster and many others share throughout this entire adventure.

The official list is quite long :

From USA :

Dirty Donny
Frank Kozik
Dan Collins
Robert Kruse
The Pizz
Kutty Noteboom
Cole Foster
Von Franco
Bob Spina
Arie Van Schyndel
Doug Dorr

From Europe :

Big Pete (Fin)
MAZE (Ger)
Pekka Wizzz (Fin)
Tifa DeLeone (Swe)
Nefarious (UK)
Blaster (ITA)
Empire 32 (Fra)
Von Sven (Swe)
Jackhammer Speedshop (UK)
Baron’s Speedshop (UK)
Vince Ray (UK)
Yak El Droubie (UK)
Jussi Alasalmi (Fin)
Tin (Fin)
Michael Perrech (Ger)

And the featured music by:

The Dynotones
Vince Ray and The Boneshakers
The Go Getters
The Bonnevilles
The Troubled Three
The Cremators
Superfly Organ Band 

   I gotta tell ya, when I read the title ''Kustom Kulture ADVENTURE'' I went like... wtf ?! As I was watching it I went well fuc# man, it sounds goofy, but it's really kinda of an adventure. Because I get to hear what that painter has to say, what that pinstriper thinks, Cole giving his 2 cents... 
 Covering artists from basicly all the culture's branches. Even tattoos. Travel from USA to Germany, Finland, Uk, Italy and even France to really see the guys doing what they normaly do, in their natural habitats (national geographic anyone? hahaha) is what makes this movie freakin' epic. There's no script or you do that fake bs. I hate that ''let's look cool for the camera'' . F that. So this is another huge plus for the movie. It's not a Holywood wanna be. Honestly, I was expecting to see some Japan material too. After reading the booklet... They wanted to do that too but it would have been on the rush. So a next time means a better material. Approved.

      Flake and Flames is a must have for the real grease and wrench monkey, chopper guy, hot rodder, gearhead, rockabilly fan. And I'm not shittin' you.
   Trust me on this. Basicly everybody who hates the simple, stock boring shit giving some kind of personal twist and flavour to things they own should have this. It's a just released-already classic.  Great tunes too !
     Just buy the damn movie. It's dope !

Oh yeah; the extras also rock :)   

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