I've been chasing and hunting down more infos and pictures of this one for weeks... Finally, the hunt gets to an end !

     Can't really remember where I saw this beauty for the first time. But the second I laid my eyes on it I was hooked. Here's another extreme, dWrenched creation I felt madly in love with. You know why...cause it's so far out from anything else you usually see.
    It's BAM ! IN YOUR FACE pure awesomeness !

   When I said that I was hunting down this one for a long time, I was really serious. Not many infos out there. Or about it's builder.  Not to mention (good) pictures.
But here's what I could find... The bike was built by Dutch builder Piet Smits. Some sources called this beautiful round swooping chopper Circular Tube, others Olympic . Just to realise how many ''knowledge'' is out there about this bike. But considering the fact that Olympic by Smits is carved in kicker pedal, we'll go with that.

        The engine comes from a 2002 Royal Enfiled Bullet 500. It was just polished and kept stock, without any extra tuning. Everything else was hand made by Piet. Like the springer front end, headlight, battery box, license plate mount. And the circular rounded main frame. The rear end is made from another circular tube as well, making the bike a rigid. After building the whole frame, it was dipped into a copper bath.

     The fuel tank doesn't stand out that much, being painted in black and taking the same rounded shape as and within the frame rails. This only makes the frame pop out more ! I simply love the way the exhaust pipes flow and  imitate the frame's sweet design. Beautiful waves effect there...
  Olympic  took the best prize for the ''Craziest Engineering'' at the Custombike Show 2013.
       Without even any rewards, this beauty simply pops out from the crowd. This reward is just a ''bonus'' I guess !

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