Dick Allen's Cobra from 1970...

  As I was scroling through my bookmarks (yes, there are quite ''a few'' of them) , Dick Allen's trike popped up. Well, let's get crackin' on it !
For those of you out there whom the name Dick Allen doesn't ring any bells or horns in their skull, ah... you bastards. Just a quick info, he's one of the pioneers of the chopper ''movement'' that started in the late '50s...early '60s. Lots of photo and video coverage of the man on Jesse James last documentary he released a while ago, History of The Chopper. You can find that on Utube as well, but you didn't hear that from me. Or just google it son, OMG! hahaha
 Took me a while to get the ball running, find some stories and infos... Nonetheless, this trike is so cool I had to cover it. Dick Allen V8 Cobra Trike was mean and exotic. And forever crazy in your beloved dWrenched style.

   We all know that Ed Big Daddy Roth is the father of (car) custom culture. Teaming Roth and Dick to build a motorized madness could only result in something ...deadly (cool). 

       ''Back in the 1970s this was the fastest, badest Trike in So Cal.''  ( -Wolfman commented on Our Failing Economy blog regarding the trike )

     ''There were 12 Cobra / Allen Trikes Produced by Dick Allen... The first one actually flipped over on it's side when Dick Goosed the Throttle - late one night when a gang of ner'-do-wells were assembled at the shop... as it was told to me by Bradley Harris who was there that night . Dick decided to test drive the beast , so he fired it up and simply dumped the gas, and the trike abruptly flipped akimbo from the torque.... Brad stated through chuckling laughter ...that it was a heavy beast and took 5 guys to get it turned back up on all 3 wheels - ... One of the other "12" Trikes was gifted a present to Miss Rosie "Rose" Harlow ...she cruised around the south bay district (Manhattan/Hermosa Beaches - often enough to become a popular icon in the early 70's ... Well...Rosie's abundant 44GG Bust may have had something to do with it as well....'' (-says another comment of Rentatrip at Motorcycle Art Blog this time )

   ''The most insane burnout I ever seen was by Dick Allen on his trike. That trike was the baddest bike ever". Dick had been at Roth Studios on a sunny day in the late '60's, and was pulling out onto the street on his V8 trike, while Darryl was standing by the shop doors.

"I was yelling at Dick to do a burnout, so he looked both ways as he pulled out and just full-throttled the bike. He lit 'em up out of the driveway and was drifting sideways down the street before the rear wheels hooked and right before he went under a bobtail truck, the bike straightened out and he barely went around it. I can close my eyes and still see it. Amazing".

(-Darryl Roth, from Garage magazine, quoted by the one and only Irish Rich, a chopper legend you should also know something about on his blog; Applied Machete )

    With a reputation like this, I stand my ground and say exacly what I said at the beginning... Dick Allen's V8 Cobra Trike was mean and exotic. And forever crazy ! No matter when this baby was built, it will always remain a bitchin' bike. I mean trike.

Sorces : 

Applied Machete
MC Art


  1. Cool bike, err I mean trike! Any idea what front ends they used? I remember reading somewhere that Roth said they just used harley front ends, I just wonder if those springs, visible on the outside, was some kind of addition to compensate for the weight of the motor.

  2. I remember Dick Allen doing burnouts at his shop on Artesia Blvd Redondo Beach CA I miss the 60s good old days


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