dWrenched wire art !

   ''Shi Jindian is a Chinese artist, born in 1953 in Sichuan Province, China and graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China.

Utilizes woven steel wire for his sculptures.
 After searching for years for 'a material that was brand new, completely nontraditional', he settled on steel wires. By trial and error, he learned how to crochet the two-dimensional strands into three-dimensional forms, using tools of his own devising. His wire meshes start out as wrappings around some common object. When the mesh is complete, Shi Jindian destroys or extracts the object, leaving only its steel exoskeleton. The result, he says, is a kind of fiction, a virtual reality that can be walked around and touched.

This Blue Chang Jiang 750 side car took him 3 years....''

-Go Away Garage

Wow...just wow. Some of the artist's projects are for sale here .

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