My bookmark folder is packed with cool stuff. Time is my only enemy... and laziness maybe ? Anyway, this is something I was really eager to write about...

“Andy Wickenheisser is afraid to drive his cars. More accurately, he’s afraid of what might happen when he drives his cars: Too many gawkers not paying attention to their own ride and causing problems when I’m out driving, he says, and its a big issue, as I’ve caused quite a few accidents unintentionally. It’s not just this car, it’s all of my rods. No surprise if you’ve seen Wickenheisser’s self-built collection that includes some pretty hairy street freaks. His last creation, a 61 Dodge Pioneer wagon dubbed Bad Gas, is one jacked-up, hellacious ride.''
-Hot Rod Magazine

      So what we have here is a pure Frankenstein of cars... To keep the infos to a crystal clear meaning, this is a 1963 Plymouth Fury gasser with a bubble top. Not a 61 chevy bubble top, a really crazy a la Jetsons bubble top car! Did I say gasser ? Well, it could also be a dragster... and it also has that lowrider flavour... And a monster truck touch. Definitely not something you can spot on daily traffic that's for sure...

     The skinny Radir 4inch wide, 12 spokes front wheels and the huge tankish front of the car comes as a shock in your rear mirror, making the car look like it's floating by itself. The 383 powered freak breaths and spits fire through the eight zoomies on the hood. Talking about intimidation... So the sound is yes, pure awesomeness and instant orgasm to petrolheads.
   The 360 transparent bubble makes for a hell of a sensation (I think) while driving the Fury or as a passenger... Although the lack of an air conditioning can be really treaky during hot days.  The bubble top was a really hard thing to find for Andy, but after many searches he finally found a shop in So.Cal. that could deliver what he wanted.
Andy Wickenheisser designed and built the steel frame and brackets that support the Lexan bubble from the front edge. A customized snowplow motor, run at 6 volts, delicately powers the top, up and down.
     The white interior lacks in tech gadgets and all that kind of stuff. Nothing fancy, nothing extra.

    This might not be your dream car. It's not mine, either. But I'd love to take for a spin just to see how I'd feel inside and for the fun of it. Or just be inside it for a while. Golden fish in the giant gasser machine :)
And it sure swirls your imagination and keeps you sticked to these pictures...
      I should know, because this is one of the slowest articles I've wrote so far !

Photo credit : www / Hot Rod Magazine.


  1. The car is beautifully done ;but,I would have kept the body stock.It's originality is gone.That ,of corse,is just my personal taste.

  2. Brilliant, Iconic (I hope) & drivable!? I was astounded when I read the article in Hot Rod about the shakedown drive down the Virginia country highway! Love the HIGH Dodge wagon too!


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