Personality issues ? No thank you... I am dWrenched !

   A few days ago, as I was discussing with one of my friends what I plan on doing to my '82 Honda CB he was a bit concerned. ''Just make sure it'll have some kind of personality'' he said in the end.  I know what I want to do and how I want to make the bike look...it just a matter of time. And labor, probably money too (?) . And it's not like I'm running for the most popular kid in school.
   But that ''personality'' criteria kinda stuck in my head. Yesterday (I think) I stumbled across this creation...
Personality, as you know it my friend...it's kinda overrated ! Please meet Peace Frog.

     The Frankenstein you see in these pics has a lovely and weird...errrr, I mean dWrenched story. It's a 500 cc's Triumph engine inside an Indian frame. Built in Japan. So you have the frame from the US, english powerplant and Jap manufacturing. Who said globalisation isn't fun ?!
Also the bobber style is present as well as the cafe racer. That rear big and thin fish tail oil tank really sets the Peace Frog appart from anything else done and seen before. And of course I never heard about an Triumph-Indian combo since now. Triton yes, Tradian, never.

The build is also very clean and appealing. It's not some hillbilly experiment. Very clean front end, golden wheels with chromed spokes... this one has class.

    Of course, like in most of the unique bikes, this is a hate-me-or-love-me situation. We love/like choppers when and if they trigger our own preferences. Because humans are selfish, even though they won't admit it.  Ever. The more that bike has in commun with what you think it's your dream bike, the more you ''dig'' that creation too.  So personality  is a very subjective matter.
    So I'll step into the fire saying that bikes like Peace Frog could have more personality than your perfectible framed bobber or chopper bike (?!) .  Food for thought...

 Peace Blog
Photo credit : Street Ride


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