You're in for a treat. The K Bonzer comes with a story too, check it out !

   This awesome machine you see in these pics is one of my best friends Karim's bobber. Or bomber... whatever, shit is dope :)

    Our story begins with a 2005 Harley Davidson Springer that Karim bought from the ol' USA two years ago. The plan was that during the winter he'll build the bobber he always dreamed of.
But life being what it is (a bi#ch) , while K was riding his bike on the motorway on any given Sunday, some truck driver decided to fuck around with his plans. Long story short, the bike was fucked. The whole springer was damaged and so on.. K ended up with some bruises and a broken ego.
   It took almost a full year for the  for the insurance company to pay up. Time spent throwing ideas around of what the future bobber should look like. A 70's style of flaked flashy paintjob pimped bobber was the man's target.
Once the check was building time ! 

   Inspecting what goes to the dumpster and what can be saved was a serious issue. The springer was salvageble and thanks to Razvan from Ducati Bucharest, it regained it's original sexy shape. 
The new parts list include Ride Wright Wheels, HHI rear sprotor (I'm still hating on ya K for choosing the exact same part that I want hahaha) , HHI front brake disk and Kustom Tech front brake,  Coles gas tank, brass crowns and grips. Other parts were made by a local bike shop, Dynamite Brothers. 
   Exhaust, rear fender and other stuff are home made, just like the fittings, wiring and the adaptation of brake pulley to chain sprocket. Including the part that I absolutly love, the sissy bar !
     Marton Zoltan, one of the best painters and pinstripers in Romania took the job of transforming the tins in a very cool work of art. And they do look pimped ! In a very cool tasteful manner, I must add. 
Another cool fella, Marcel from the local HD dealership made K's life a lot easier, helping out with advices, tips and tricks.

   The Bonzer is 95% done but it already looks astonishing ! Some small adjustments still need to be done but Karim is very happy with the overall result. The funny thing is that we both were busy this year building (me fixing/ restoring) and all that crap. And it just breaks my heart that we didn't get the change to ride side by side with our metal ponies... 
   But you never know !


Photo credit : me, myself & I :)

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