Been meaning to write about this awesome little guy for so long...

   So long that I forgot about it (...) Finally now it was the time. Found a lot of garbage on the net, 9GAG kinda shit. But I wasn't interested in that. Ever since I fount it I was interested in it's history. It's real history.

 And it turns out that this little beauty it's an 19th Century, French 5mm 5 bullets Le Petit Protector ring gun. This was actually made and used.  It makes a lot of sense if you thing about it... France of the 19th Century was filled with cabarets, joints and stuff like that. So ultimately this was a necessary for the women involved (more or less) in dancing and dancing ; if you know what I mean.

     Although I don't think that this little guy could deliver a serious kick, I'm sure that pulled next to an eye or next to some skin it could do ''something'' . Remember, I'm more than sure that this kind of ''jewelry''  was used by a certain class of ladies. And when things got out of the control... BANG ! or PUFF (hahaha).
Just enough so the aggressor to get scared and back off. No tranquilizer spray or electric shock tasers back then !

   Not to mention that it looks like a proper ring. Besides it's ultra compact mechanism, the thing looks so damn nice. Like a proper jewelry.  dWRENCHED APPROVED !

Couldn't find the actual Le Petit being fired but I think this is pretty close:


  1. A .22 rimfire shortbarreled might very well punch through the skull. While .22 may not do much harm to muscles and such, if it enters the skull it is likely to kill.


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