Triton, Norley, Pan-Shovel...but how about a Yamaha-Porshe chopp ?

   Ever since we discovered motorcycles as a transportation vehicle and soon after as a labor of love and passion, fulfilling somehow our lives, we started playing around with it's engine components and what not. Like all grown up lego lovers !
   Triton comes first in my mind.Fitting a TRIumph engine into a NorTON frame gave birth in the late 60's to one of the best cafe racers platforms ever imagined, a living legend of today.
And of course the Americans couldn't let their shit alone when it comes to Harleys. Focused only on the engine, the Pan-Shovel was born. A Panhead with a Shovel Head rocker covers.

   Just two examples to get you into the groove. What we have here is weird combination, never experienced before.
 I really don't know why Dirk Oehlerking, the founder of Kingston Custom in Germany used a Porshe cylinder to power this project. Maybe he had one laying around ?! ... And I really don't care, cause it brings tears of joy into my eyes when I see this Frankenstein ! Hahaha

     What was once an Yamaha SR 500 stands now before your eyes in these photos as a sprint racer with a Bavarian heart. So it was cataloged by Dirk. Strange ? Yes. Ok. Moving on. The old 1978 Yamaha SR got a cylinder from a Porshe 911.  Now I don't know if it was a Carrera, Turbo or GTS... 0_o
The Porsche 911 609cmc cylinder puts up 60hp's of fun. And it makes a good combo with the K&N air filter and 5 speed chain transmission. Kingston foot pegs, in the backbone gas tank, exhaust and seat.

      What ''is'' relevent is that somebody did this. For the first time ever. For fun. The whole bike it's not my cup of tea (either) ... but like most of the motorized vehicles I see around me...yeah, I'd love to take Sound Of Single out for a spin. F#ck yeah. Nice one Dirk !

Kingston Custom 


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