Found it on ebay and of course it belongs here !

 This beauty is made by Gareth Ruddy and Murray Kustoms in London, UK. It was entered in 2011 in the AMD contest.  Just by looking at the frame's lines you'll understand that this is not an usual Yamaha XS 650 chopper/brat bike .

     Brothel Creeper is powered by a stock 1980 XS engine put inside a an one off radical drop seat frame.
''One-off frame with modified wassell tank, one-off handlebars with internal throttle and white vintage style grips. Suicide gear change with foot clutch. Dummy oil tank containing battery and electrics. Modified rear guard with hand made struts. Crime Scene Choppers headlamp and Custom Chrome taillight. One-off 2-into-1 slash-cut straight through exhaust pipe.

Hand made billet foot controls with brass trim. SU carburator with custom manifolds. Boyer Bransden electronic ignition.''
-AMD quote.

   But of course, the second thing that strikes you besides the frame is the 45 degree old school springer with twisted legs. That thing is beautiful . It really goes with the rest of the frame's curvy lines. Plus that rear fender is pure sex.

   ''This bike has only been shown three times in the UK, once at Ally Pally 2011 where it took second place next to Lamb Engineering's "Son of a gun"
Once at the Diamond day 2011 where it won Best Engineering and once at the Bulldog Bash 2011 (Best Jap)
Besides that it has only been shown once in Holland at the Big Twin Show where it won best in show and once in Sturgis USA where it was officially voted 23rd best custom bike in the world.
So if you are into winning shows this is the bike for you as it has yet to go round the show circuit.

   I have read blogs about the Brothel Creeper's front suspension not being able to work and about the bikes ride ability, all of which is total BS! The front end operates like any other springers and this bike handles better that many less radical custom bikes I have ridden. It's its a great bar-hopper and does a perfect job of whisking through London Traffic. This bike is a rider!'' -says the ebay ad.

Unfortunatly, for the seller, the listing ended and the reserve did not met. Clearly this is a work of art. So when it comes to selling this kind of ''art'' beauty is in the eye of the beholder most of the times. The listing states that this bike is road legal. 
   But I'd have no problems displaying it in my living room. And take it out for a spin from time to time. If only money would fell out of the sky... If only...


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