Welcome to the Circus ?!

   I realyt don't know how I find'em. Really. It's not like I open Google and type ''dwrenched'' and voila ! Many crazy bikes. Or oh wait... that can really happen. Hahaha
But often I find really cool projects by mistake or going from a picture to a page... to a forum... to a topic back to a picture (you get the idea, right?)... To finally unveil more pics of the bike that caught my eye in the first place. Internet works in misterious ways ! This one I found on an Indonesian website 0_o

   What we have here is a crazy mix of everything and nothing. We have a bike that's pretty much dWrenched and a set of shitty pics with a big ass shitty watermark on them.
High mounted mini apes, super small peanut gas tank, almost invisible seat(pan) and a ''meaty'' drag race rear tire. And oh yeah, what's left from a 1975 Honda CB 175. Engine and carbs I mean. Plus a vintage a la Robbie Williams flashy custom paintjob. God I love those crazy spoked wheels !

    Suicide shifter, low cut pipes, almost everything handmade. Stock Honda CB 175 engine with Honda CB 200 drum brake on the front. Bosh headlamp. Avon Road Runner 90/90-19 on the front and 120/90-17 Michellin on the rear.The kicker pedal, a welded on pliers is alaso a crazy cool touch !

Found here

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