I remember seeing this kind of beauties in old black'n white (shitty) pics only...

 And this one looks to have survived till it got rediscovered, not so long ago. In fact just a few days ago Jesse James posted this one up on his eBay.
 I don't have to make an intro about The Pope of Welding...  but the trike came posted with this info :

 ''Amazing barn find all out original paint show trike. Built in 1972 by Car Builder and Welder Al Banks .
Multi 1970's Car Show Winner (see fender tag). Motor is a single port 40HP VW Engine. Runs but has been sitting dormant for several decades.
Would not take much to be going down the road. 
Invader Front Mag wheel.

Body still has the original Heavy Metal Flake paint and Art work. This is your chance to own something from the Wild 1970's Custom Scene.''

   This is a crazy cool trike if you ask me. Starting with the pretty laid back deer handle bars continuing with the custom seat and ending with the in-front-raked big custom cabin. This whole look gives a badass vibe let alone. The big rear wheels marks that FU-get-out-of-my-way statement. The VW engine was often used back in the day for custom applications. Small, yet with a little kick, the VW powerplant was a head scratching-free alternative for chop builders. Still is (I guess...).

    The flakey-mural-flashy paint job is an awesome livin' proof that ''those were the days'' . What we are trying to replicate these days, I could say. Yeah I know you're trash talking me right now, but I don't care.
It takes a freak to spot another one. So this trike is a f#cking gorgeous find in my eyes. Of course , I'd love to have it... but that's what I say about 90% of the stuff I write about !
   The Bohemian II got only 33 bids and it's price went up to only 5000$ so I don't know if it was really sold after all. 

 Pics by JJ. / eBay ad

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