Let the Zombie Apocalypse begin !

   First of all, it was a bitch to find more infos about this crazy creation. But finally, made it happen. Now that I got that out of my system we can move on and I can start babbling about it. 
 Motocopter ,  because the ''thing'' has a name, was built by Tomasz Pawlos and Lukasz Falis of Steel Creations. In Poland.  From the first glance you see a big engine, 2 wheels and a cafe racer tail. And that's about it, really.
   A Honda GL 1500 played the role of the donor bike. The engine was pretty much the only thing left and used from the original bike. That huge six cylinder boxer, four-stroke, making 100 hp's is sure a sight to see on itself !
  Steel Creations entered the bike in the AMD Championship this year under the Freestyle Class. By the looks of Motocopter I'd say they were right on the money !

   The in-house hand made parts makes for a very long list. Including frame, tripple trees, handlebars, steering and lightning systems, seat, rear shock and exhaust. The wheels were also built by Steel Creations.
 ... that's quite the list, eh ?! 38 degrees upside-down front end with 18 inch wheel. Equipped with dual Brembo brakes. 17 inches rear wheel with a 240 rubber and a very cool reversed brake system. Leaving the rear wheel clean and mean.

     The whole tubing/cooling system and the rusted fighter paint makes Motocopter look like a weapon. A deadly one. Mixing a big-ass engine with a street fighter and a cafe racer tail is nuts. It's not something you usualy see beeing built. It's simply dWrenched.
     Now where are those friggin' zombies ?!

Steel Creations

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