Got my eye on this one for quite some time... One of my personal favourites.

   ''This is my Shovel. Got it as a roller project from Ebay in 2010.
1980 cone Chovel 1340cc, put it together at Boneshaker Choppers, helped Benny all the way through. Had a lot of fun with it, won a few big trophies at Bulldog Bash and UK Chopper club event. Been in top uk mag Back Street Heroes and Lowbrow Kustoms, Weirdo mag and Lowbrow compliments card.
Rode it all over Uk. Love it to death.

Changed the look of it this year, 21 inch front wheel. Front Street cycle rear wheel covers, tan colour add -ons and Blue Moon Kustoms paint. Great fun and always rad to ride. Never gonna sell this bike. Shovel love !
-Trawler of Trawler Rider Blog

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