''Knucklegame" by Eastern Fabrications / Lock the welder

61' dual carb knuckle built by Lock. Lightened original '47 flywheels. Aftermarket case and heads, "aged" at eFab. Cylinders are original '47 with fins shaved. Heads have been modified for individual intake manifolds, with flange style o ring spigot. Carbs are 38mm Lectrons. Morris magneto ignition. 4 speed straight jockey trans, assembled and "aged" at eFab.

Frame is an original Harley swingarm frame, deraked to 26 degrees. wheels are Suzuki with cush drive. Fork is a 39mm Showa in Acme Choppers trees. Frame, swingarm, oil tank, and trees are gun browned. Seat, tanks, fender, bars, kickstand, grips, risers, axles, wiring, plumbing, engraving, testing and tuning by eFab.

''The ride reminds me of a dirtbike, very quick revving due to the lightened flywheels and small displacement. Its quite fast too.'' - Lock

      $25,000 contact eFab at

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