I'm always excited to see what Rk Concepts comes up with. So when I came across the first pics of Rk's latest and newest creation, RK Hot Rod, I was instantly blown away. While busy getting all in, checking all the details, I asked Rafik to tell me a little bit about the Hot Rod...

 What he replyed with was an awesome story that would be a shame to alterate. So... here's the story from the man itself !

Following words by Rafik Kaissi  

     Last year I was walking to the Sema show with my home boys and stopped at a booth with bunch of pistons and connecting rods. And cam shafts on the table... So I made a bet with my friend that I am going to build a bike from connecting rods, pistons and cam shafts...
     That's how it all started.

      I drew it up and picked up a buch of different rods and pistons from my fiend's junk yard. And started the project. I laid it all out on the floor to get a visual of it and I loved it. I already had an Xb 12R Buell engine at the shop so I started working.

   Big rods on front end and swing arm (witch also holds the oil) came off a big Caterpillar diesel engine.  And the small ones on the wheels are off a Chevy 350. The gas tank is mounted to the engine witch is also a part of the frame. It connects with the rest of the frame with stainless hex rods that I machined to take hime joints.

   The Hot Rod has also an unique front steering and suspension . To make the wheels, the rods were machined down to a sci-fi precision.  I also machined the grips and foot pegs. Made the kickstand as well. And of course, let's not forget the two Ohlins rear shocks that are mounted on top for front and rear suspension. Berringer controls to finish out this baby.

     The built also included machining different size differential gears for wheel axles; front suspension pivot axle and steering box.
Also, I cut down two rods to make the steering with clip-on style bars that are welded to two big size Alan head bolts. You can adjust the handlebars further or closer to the rider. Machined large piston to hold a headlight and a small one for the tail light..
     Heated and bent a stainless round bar and made the seat to look like my RK logo. The seat is also adjustable. The exhaust comes out under the seat.
Two chains; a big one and a smaller one were used to make the front/downtube and the back of the frame.

      With this occasion I'd like to say thanks to Ohlins suspension , Beringer brakes, to Avon tires, Westbrook Metal; the guys at Brandt Precision Machining... To Rodney from Chapman Industries for providing the connecting rods, the pistons and the cam shafts.. To Mark Kalen for helping me with the welding on the bike. And most of all to my girlfriend for her moral support and unconditional love and for believing in me...

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      The Rk Hot Rod is yet again the proof of Rafik Kaissi's passion for the metal and his crazy and wild imagination. It's bananas to think how much time and dedication he puts into his Concepts. So be sure to take the time and check them out carefully, it's always something you missed.
   Rafik should have a permanent spot in the dWrenched Hall of Fame, as an all time favourite. If we had sucha thing; hmmmm...

Many thanks to Rafik for the pics (the ones inside the shop) .
Another BIG THANK YOU goes to Jesse from Just a Car Guy for the pics of the Concept in the open air. Jesse is; like myself, a big supporter of Rk's work. The pics were taken at SEMA 2013. 

Visit RK Concpets.com to see the other beauties. You can also pick Rafik's brain by reading the interview we did not so long ago.  (click the banner on the right side).

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