Just had to include this one in here...

  So I was doing my usual morning routine... starting up the laptop... checking emails, log on facebook... Checking what's new in the world. When suddenly this beauty popped up !
My blood started to boil and I had to know more about it. Also I just had to include it on dWrenched.
 I have other, many ''specials'' alligned... but this one managed to cut the line.

   The car was buit by Andy McCoy Race Cars, a professional race cars and components shop. These guys are specialized in the fabrication of high-performance, Pro Modified and Top Sportsman drag racing components, from chassis to full competition vehicles. 

   Muscle cars are another passion of mine...  And besides the 69' SS Camaro nothing really touches me. Except crazy 69' Chevelles like this one, maybe ?!

     The set of pics was posted yesterday so I don't have many infos about it. Will try to update the article as I go though. Still; some of the pics came with a few informations attached. ''This New 69 Clear Carbon Chevelle has just been finished for Russell Miller. This awesome ride will run in Pro Mod. This is the first complete 69 Chevelle. The detail in this car is unbelievable. The bar for race car construction has been raised. To do the all clear carbon body was a feat in itself, but AMRC pulled it off. The body weighs only 55 lbs and is strong as can be. Next AMRC mounted the racepak dash in the steering wheel. Yes the steering wheel and the steering wheel is still completley removable with no cords attached. Next is the very cool carbon wheelie bars by MVM Motorsports.''

   ''Racepak dash mounted in the steering wheel. No cords. Very clean.Complete removable bodies. Carbon wrapped Co2 bottle with STT Safety Belts, window net and chutes. New Carbon Driveshaft can with Rossler 2 speed turbo glide. All carbon dog house. ''

     It's no question about it... From the day we start to stand on our own feet as babies and start playing with diecast cars we are forever hooked to cars (and/or bikes). It's hard to explain. So you have to feel it to know it. And what's the other saying... ''if I have to explain it... you wouldn't understand'' .
     Hey Santa... I know this is a short notice and all but ah... eh... can you... you know...can you ?!

Andy McCoy Race Cars
Andy McCoy Race Cars Facebook


  1. HOLY SHIT !!! This beast surely feeds on Priuses doesn't it ? :))

  2. What is the cost and where do I pick up that BEAST OF A FUCKEN BAD ASS CAR. I LOVE IT


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