This is the last ''dWrenched'' article for 2013 so you bet your ass it's good !!!

   Been collecting pics of this awesome motherfucker so quite some time now... Finally I put everything together for a nice little article.  What struck me first is the unusual powerplant inside this cool bobber...

   Built by Carlos Stenson from Sweden, Moonshine Trickster as he called it, is powered by steam. By an 1923 steam engine to be exact. That's kinda ...dWrenched, ey ?

    Almost everything you see in these photos is handmade by Carlos.  Including the awesome leaffer front end, rigid frame, water/gas tank and exhaust. As you may think, the watercooling system was a bitch to make it work. But Carlos made it work. With a lot of hard work. Work, work  and... more work.
   Brass and copper parts all around Moonshine Trickster, for the steam engine and also for that proper old school look. And looks this bike has plenty of ! o_o
Also, Carlos optated for some fatty with an old school look tires for the HD 16'' wheels; a pair of Avon Mk's II. 

           The whole thing is simply beautiful. From the steam engine to the copper and brass parts to the vintage paintjob. Done by Leffe in AREA 51, by the way. It's an ageless and forever cool machine. This is one of the coolest dWrenched bikes I've seen this year.
Moonshine Trickster had it's debut on June the 1st 2013 at the Custom Bike Show Norrtälje in Sweden. Where it was also declared winner. The bike also entered in the AMD Championship where it got the 13rd place in the Freestyle Class. It was also exposed at the Essen Motor Show.
   I'm surpsrised I had so many words to play around in this article... Cause quite frankly, this motorsickle just leaves me speechless !

   Photo cred :  http://www.custombikeshow.se / http://www.harleyvillage.it / http://www.amdchampionship.com / Onno Wieringa

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