The Jim Khougaz Roadster

   ''Originally built in shorty after WWII, The Jim Khougaz Roadster was way ahead of it's time. First built as a highboy, but failing to out run the many smaller T-Roadsters at El Mirage, Jim channeled the body way down over the frame (the channel was done sometime in '47). Khougaz also added an aluminum belly pan that stretched the entire length of the car.

   The car was put away sometime in the 1950's and didn't resurface again until 1995 when Mark Van Buskirk found it advertised in Hemmings. Mark had no idea of the car's history until a chance meeting with Ken Gross revealed it's historical importance. Ken convinced Mark to have the car restored and off to Dave Simard it went.

Quote by Brian from Atomic Hot Rods

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