Here's another great bike event about to happen this year...

     ''Hot Bike invites 13 of the world's best bike builders to create and ride their machines on a multiple day journey.'' 

     From this great list of names, dWrenched will be looking closely Mike Rabideau's work. Among other great builds, he is responsible for Rab's Shovel ; a superb chop we covered not so long ago. You can admire it again, here
This is what Mike will play with for this event :

      ''This is a 96" Twin Cam with S&S Evo mount cases I built a few years back. I had it powdercoated black and then sent the heads to Double D in Arkansas. To diamond cut the heads by hand. It has a Riviera out swept manifold with S&S adaptors to hold the polished Mikuni 45 carb. And a bare knuckle glass velocity stack.'' - Mike told us. 

Best of luck to all the builders. Have fun Mike ! 

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